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Virsa Café is a culinary delight. Tucked away in the leafy locale of Lok Virsa, Shakarparian, the restaurant has been a welcome addition to the capital city’s dining scene. What sets Virsa Cafe in the day of trendy coffee houses and sheesha joints is that it attempts to reconnect with Pakistani heritage and culture. Modern and traditional elements blend seamlessly to create a unique dining experience.

The restaurant is impeccable in its attention to detail: one can enjoy oil paintings by local artists, truck art, as well as traditional folk music. The cuisine is both continental and desi, with just the right combination of both styles. We offer both restaurant staples such as Italian, Thai and Pakistani, along with more exotic foods such as “Chicken paneer reshmi”, and “Mughlai samosa”. We offer

  • Impeccable environment in its attention to detail.
  • Themed menus, continental and desi food, with just the right combination of both styles.
  • Refurbished roof-top dining and barbeque area to suit the etiquettes.
  • Not to be missed, open-air dining experience.
  • Events and decorations for the celebration of holidays and special occasions.
  • Outdoor catering, private parties, birthdays, wedding functions, seminars, exhibitions, and cultural shows.
  • See a gallery of our fantastic new refurbishment here »

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